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    Liquinox ® is a family owned and operated company and has been for its entire 60+ years.

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    In the 1940's,"Henry Garner" invented the Liquinox product line, which is still on the market today. with four different locations in Southern California. Still a family owned and operated company, Hap Garner took over the business from his father Henry Garner in the 1970's.

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    Products and Services: There are 10 types of Yucca based fertilizer offered in the Liquinox® line that is sold at retail, we also will make specialized mixes for growers and other professionals with unique needs as well. "We can adapt to anybody's needs" and "We work in close relation to soil and plant scientists in developing what (nutrients) plants need and use. " The company's involvement doesn't stop with the sale of liquid fertilizer. Liquinox® also handles the installation of and service of liquid fertilizer injectors, for commercial and residential. Ozawa and Chemilizer are the two top name brands in the liquid fertilizer pump injectors today. Liquinox's® is very service-oriented company. "We are happy to advise and educate your company on (the) injectors. Solar work and proportional injectors are also on the company's menu.

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    • Specialties of the House: Ozawa Injector Pumps, are capable of handling up to four different liquid fertilizers, are favorites among clients. "Our custom Liquinox® liquid fertilizer Liquinox® mixes and injector repairs are our specialty: Brannon Garner sales representative, also notes that his grandfather's original invention, Liquinox® Grow is still popular today and it, like all of the company's products, is still packaged in its signature blue bottles.

    • Accomplishments: Besides being around for 60 years, the company prides itself on the name it has built. "I believe the accomplishment here is the product, service and quality," Gamer says. "It shows for itself in the client base (we've built), servicing several large nurseries and farms.

    • Challenges: "We're faced with a lot of competition four or five big competitors," the professional says. He explains the company faces the challenge of converting clients who have been doing business the "old" way."The challenge is getting (customers) to see the new technology out there."


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