Fertilizer Concerns and Questions:




Answer-1: Liquinox Liquid fertilizer is environmentally friendly and is beneficial for the soil and plants.


Answer-2: Best Liquinox Liquid Fertilizer to use, first, you will want to use Liquinox formula B-1 for a month. Second use Liquinox Grow formula in the growing season, gives your plants a light nutrient boost or snack every month or even every two weeks during the growing season. Third use Liquinox formula Bloom to push those flowers we all love.

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Answer-3: Liquid fertilizer is fast acting, feeds you plants and soil as they can absorb liquid fertilizers through both their roots and through leaf pores. Foliar feeding can supply nutrients when they are lacking or unavailable in the soil, or when roots are stressed. Dry fertilizers are climate controlled with a delay in feeding your plants.


Answer-4: You can expect to see leaf burn, the tip of the leafs will have a burned look. And over fertilizing can also kill plants and foliage. Always read and follow the directions on any liquid fertilizer.

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Answer-5: The best all around fertilizer to use is our Liquinox “Grow” Liquid Fertilizer. Used for everything that is green” in your garden. Liquinox Grow Liquid Fertilizer has been on the market since 1944. 64 years of sales of this great product and it’s still “growing” strong.


Answer-6: Liquinox Liquid Fertilizer’s are use in, Farming, Commercial Green Houses, Nurseries and of course the Home owner.

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Answer-7: Liquinox Liquid Fertilizer, is sold by the case (4 - 1gal bottles). You can also purchase Liquinox Liquid Fertilizer per gallon by contacting the sales department.


Answer-8: It is not advisable to let you children play in the sprinkler during a fertilizer cycle. Although Liquinox Liquid Fertilizer will not harm them. Make sure they wash of with plain water afterwards.

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Answer-9: In diluted or concentration form, Liquinox Liquid Fertilizer will not harm you. It is advisable if you spill any concentrate liquid fertilizer on yourself to wash it off with water as soon as possible.


Answer-10: Liquinox Liquid fertilizer should not be drank, but if your pet has accidentally drank some it will not harm them. It is suggested that you get them to drink as much water as you can and take them to a vet to be checked. Please note that Liquinox is not liable for your pet.


Answer-11: No, Liquinox Liquid Fertilizer like all liquid fertilizer is not safe for you or your children to drink. Advisable to see a physician immediacy if you have drank any.


Answer-12: Please contact us for a complete list of companies that carry the Liquinox brand Products.

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